We are a one-stop shop for custom furnishing.

Embassy of Design is an Estonian based procurement company. We specialise in designing, procuring and importing beautiful crafted contract and bespoke furniture for hospitality. From hotels, bars and restaurants to cruise ship operators, Embassy provides stunning pieces of contract furniture for hospitality environments and business around the world.


What we do.

Everything is expertly designed and created with cortract use in mind. We offer an extensive range of tables, chairs and stools and custom furniture for almost every venue.







About us.

Our company is laced together with people who are experts in their field. From our founder and Group Managing Director who has 20 years of industry knowledge, to our innovative and experienced design construction, procurement and installation team.

Different designs
satisfied clients
Years in the business

Let us save you money.

Don’t be surprised if you find that many of our products are priced considerably lower than our competitors.

Up to standards

All UKFR and worldwide fire strandards

Price sensitive

In-house procurement to fit your budget

World wide shipping

We offer quick turn around and world wide shipping

New designs

We have new designs from around the world

Full section furniture

We offer full section furniture: Hotels, restaurants, cafes

Custom designs

We offer custom design and manufacturing

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