We have our own top quality production facilities that has manufactured contract furniture for years. We have created anything from small 20 room boutique family hotels to large 400+ room chain hotel rooms and cruise ships. Our manufacturing team is completely dedicated to their craft and that passion is felt in the products. Feel free to glance at our references to see all the work we’ve done.

We can

Manufacture according to your drawings.

Recommend a few designer pre-selected READY TO BUILD room concepts to help you save cost and keep up with the latest trends.

Help you design and manufacture your own furniture using the help of some of the young and talented designers.


Are you a design aficionado and know exactly which kind of chairs you liked? Or maybe you just picked up the latest fashion magazine and happened to find something that spoke to your heart. Let us help you get it. Send us any piece you like and our agents will scout the world and help you get it at the best price possible.


We gather all of our client’s comments regarding the mock up room and use our experience to see if any improvements are required to perfect the concept and allow a better exploitation by our client.


We fully produce the final concept according to the final specifications we agree on with the client.


We use all of our Logistic expertise to manage a timely delivery and installation allowing our client to have a complete peace of mind.


Our clients tell us what they need and what they have in mind. We explore some ideas together until we come to a consensus on a great design that meets their requirements.


Our Purchasing and Manufacturing team meet to discuss the optimal solution for our client in terms of Price & Quality. Most of the time the best way is for us to manufacture according to our client’s needs, but often we can also source something available.


Together with the client, we create some mood boards and often a 3D visualization of the room our client requested. After some fine-tuning and detailing, we produce a mock-up room to ensure the client is fully satisfied with the vision we agreed upon.